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Clear Cut Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning

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What is included with this service?

  • Dusting and vacuuming of complete areas
  • Kitchen grease removal, trash removal and vessel washing
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • Linens changing and making up the beds
  • Bathroom steam cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Balcony rail and area cleaning
  • Cleaning of cabinets, drawers and doors
  • Use of spray or fogger machine to mist disinfectant which is diluted in water to all furniture, rooms, and touch point areas in your home. The products require no rinse after application

How long does the service take?

The average duration per service would be more than an hour depending on the scope of the area.

What is the difference between deep cleaning and home disinfection?

Deep cleaning service includes a more detailed cleaning, touching more areas of the home such as cleaning behind appliances. Home disinfection on the other hand is application of bio-safe disinfectants by means of spraying or use of fog machine to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi including COVID19, Omicron and SRS-Cov-2 variants inside your home.

What materials will the provider bring?

The provider will bring heavy duty vacuums, steam machines, mops, cleaning soap and detergents for dishes, floors, glass, wooden surfaces and toilets and spray or fogger machine for the bio-safe disinfectant.

Will the pro clean my interior walls and the exterior areas of my premises?

No, this service does not include cleaning or washing of your walls, or window exteriors.

Are the service providers’ Municipality approved? What chemical do you use?

Our Service Providers are licensed and approved by Municipality for disinfection services. BACOBAN, VITAL OXIDE, and ANOSAN are the most common disinfectants that are used. They are all Hospital Grade Disinfectants, EPA and Kills 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and germs. All chemicals being used on the service are approved by the Municipality and UAE Health Authority.

I have children and/or pets, is it safe?

Yes, the disinfectant that are used is 100% child, pet, and environment friendly. It is Bio-safe and Eco-friendly, water-based solution, non-toxic and non-corrosive hospital-grade disinfectants that are approved by the Municipality. Proper ventilation is required during and after the service. The disinfectant used is self-absorbent hence there is no need for it to be wiped after the service.

Any important information that the provider needs to know?

For any important info related to your service such as allergies or skin sensitivity to standard cleaning products please reach out to provider. All important information must be conveyed prior to the home cleaning service so that the necessary adjustments can be made.

What should I do if I want to increase the scope of my service or add additional spare parts or materials?

If you need to add extra materials or want any additional work done, please discuss the changes and the cost difference with the service provider.