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Clear Cut Cleaning Services

Sofa Cleaning

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What is included in furniture cleaning in UAE?

  • Removal of dirt, debris and dust through dry vacuuming
  • Removal of stains and odors through wet vacuuming
  • Providing the necessary cleaning equipment
  • Using furniture friendly cleaning materials

Why is professional sofa cleaning required?

Living a busy life leaves little or no time on our hands for cleaning sofas. Thankfully, the professional sofa cleaning services from CLEAR CUT in UAE make your life simple. You only need to select the time, sofa type and number of sofas to be cleaned. Our professionals will arrive at the specified time and location and clean your sofa, restoring them to a spick and span condition.

How often do I get my sofa professionally cleaned?

The frequency of sofa cleaning depends on the size, material and design of the sofa in your home. It also depends on the regularity of day-to-day cleaning. Customers opt to book the professional sofa cleaning services in UAE at least once every month. Although, if you feel the need, you can opt to book sofa cleaning service more frequently. If you have a fixed routine for regular cleaning, you may require professional sofa cleaning only if you are returning home after a long vacation or while prepping up for an occasion.

What is the pricing of sofa cleaning in UAE?

If you are looking for an affordable sofa cleaning service, you are at the correct place. The price of our furniture cleaning service is as per size and units of sofas in your home and the time required for cleaning.

What is the difference between dry vacuuming and wet vacuuming?

Booking a professional sofa cleaning service means getting all types of sofas spick and span at the hands of professional cleaning experts. We use methods such as dry vacuuming and wet vacuuming for thorough cleaning. Dry vacuuming process uses the air suction method and eliminates all the dust and dirt particles and debris from your furniture. On the other hand, wet vacuuming helps scrub out the stubborn stains, spills, and odors from the furniture surface using the necessary cleaning agents like shampoo.

What materials will the professional bring for the job?

For the sofa cleaning service in UAE, the professional carries an upholstery cleaning machine and a specialized solution according to the type and material of your sofa. You can also reach out to the service provider to inform about any allergies and skin sensitivity to regular cleaning agents.

What can I do for increasing the scope of my sofa cleaning?

If you need extra work done or want additional materials, you can discuss the same with the service provider. Payment for the additional services can be done after the completion of the service.

How much time is required for finishing the professional sofa cleaning?

Usually, the estimated time required for cleaning each unit is 30 minutes or more depends on its size and stains and type. Once the sofa cleaning is complete, you need to let the units dry for 24 hours.

Any important information that the provider needs to know?

For any important info related to your sofa cleaning service such as allergies or skin sensitivity to standard cleaning products, please reach out to us before placing the order.